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Relational Discipleship

Relational Discipleship is the in-depth discipleship program that we use at Mercy Church. Over the course of thirty-six weeks, the participant will be strengthened and encouraged as we cover five phases:

KNOW - Level One
​Week 1 - Understanding Your Decision to Follow Christ
Week 2 - Understanding the Importance of Water Baptism
Week 3 - Understanding Why You Need the Cross of Jesus
Week 4 - Understanding What God is Like (Part 1)
Week 5 - Understanding What God is Like (Part 2)
Week 6 - Understanding The Person and Ministry of the Holy Spirit
Week 7 - Understanding How We Got Our Bible

GROW - Level Two
Week 1 - Godliness Through Discipline
Week 2 - Spending Time in God's Word
Week 3 - Brokenness 
Week 4 - Conquering Worry Through Daily Prayer
Week 5 - Forgiveness
Week 6 - Guarding Against Compromise
Week 7 - Spiritual Warfare

BELIEVE - Level Three
Week 1 - The Doctrine of Divine Inspiration - Verbal Inspiration of the Bible
Week 2 - The Doctrine of The Trinity: The Trinity
Week 3 - The Doctrine of Jesus Christ: The Birth, Death, and Ascension of Christ
Week 4 - The Doctrine of Salvation: Repentance, Justification, Regeneration, and the New Birth
Week 5 - The Doctrines of Sanctification And Holiness... Sanctification Following the New Birth; Holiness as God's Standard for Living
Week 6 - The Doctrine of The Baptism In The Holy Spirit...The Baptism as the Initial Evidence
Week 7 - The Doctrines of Sacraments And Ordinances...Water Baptism, Divine Healing, the Lord's Supper, and Washing of the Saints' Feet
Week 8 - The Doctrines of Eschatology And Eternity Of Man...The Second Coming, the Rapture, the Millennium, Bodily Resurrection of the Righteous and the Wicked Dead

SERVE - Level Four
Week 1 - God's Vision for Your Life
Week 2 - My Commitment to My Church
Week 3 - Spiritual Gifts (Part 1)
Week 4 - Spiritual Gifts (Part 2)
Week 5 - My Giving to God
Week 6 - Praise and Worship
Week 7 - The Call to Live Holy

GO - Level Five
Week 1 - The Value of a Soul
Week 2 - Becoming a Witness for Jesus
Week 3 - Praying in the Harvest
Week 4 - Understanding the Power of Praying and Fasting
Week 5 - The Quality Disciple, (Part 1)
Week 6 - The Quality Disciple, (Part 2)
Week 7 - Now Let's Go and Make Disciples of Christ


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